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Membership Benefits

Member Support

Be part of a professional network of face painters.

Our exclusive members network of face painters can offer support by sharing ideas, techniques, and resources, providing feedback, and fostering collaboration.

Our members can also offer guidance on business-related aspects and provide emotional support, creating a sense of community within our face painting industry.


Listing in our searchable Online Directory

Listing your business in our online Face Painting directory can help marketing for your business by increasing online visibility and providing a platform for potential customers to find the most up to date information for your business.

Fun & Friendship

Area FUN DAYS and FACE jams

Social interaction with like minded people

In person or online engagement with other FACE Members can benefit you and your business by providing opportunities for collaboration, sharing of resources and knowledge, and building relationships that can lead to referrals and new clients. Our members can also provide inspiration, and give you confidence in you work.

Money Saving

Competitive Group Insurance,

which includes kit protection (for members resident in the UK).*

Exclusive discounts

from your favourite suppliers

Discounted tickets

for our annual conference with competitions, demos, workshops and retailers.

Business Benefits

High professional standards

Working Code of Practice and Conduct

FREE resources

Including templates for invoicing, risk assessments and much more.

What are you waiting for?

What Our Members Think...

“(It’s helpful) when talking to ‘new’ painters or painters new to me as a way of introducing standards to aim for. It gives a professional serious feel to what many still see not as an industry but as mummy’s little hobby.”


“(I love) being part of such a wonderful, talented group of artists. Sharing knowledge and knowing that we all work to high standards and best practices. Being part of a kind, information sharing community who give encouragement to people of all levels”


“I like that i can reassure my customers that i have high standards that have been assessed. In turn this has boosted my confidence to value my own work, price according without feeling guilty and strive to continue improving.”


“Its a certification of professionalism and standard. As well as being a source of support and up to date information. All the rest is an added bonus”


“I have been a member from nearly the start of my career. Its great/important to be part of a professional body- for help and support when needed and to be with like minded people”


How to apply

It’s now easier than ever to be part of the Face family as you no longer have to sit an in person assessment.

You will need to be able to demonstrate the following:

  • that you have been face painting for more than a year
  • that you have a good knowledge of health and hygiene
  • that you have good basic face painting skills

Welcome Pack

Once your application has been approved you will receive a marvellous face goody bag and certificates, as well as being added to the members only Facebook page and the website directory.

Why is my application assessed?

Your application is not about judging how ‘good’ you are as a face painter. It ensures that all of our members have a certain standard of basic face painting skills as well as health and hygiene knowledge.

  • This gives the general public confidence when hiring a FACE face painter
  • This gives our insurers the confidence to reduce the FACE members premium for excellent and comprehensive cover (UK)
  • This gives you confidence in your achievement and knowledge.

FACE members coming together during lockdown