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Members Help

Members Profile

Completing your 'Members Profile' page

To ensure your business appears on the ‘find a face painter’ search page, please complete your profile using the following guidelines:

1 On the FACE website, log into your member’s area – Main Menu – ‘Members’ dropdown – Login

2 Click ‘My Profile’

3 Add your details to each field.  *Membership No. Business name and Area are required fields, everything else is optional. However, the more details and photos you add, the more information will appear on your profile page.

If you experience any issues with your profile please check thr FAQ below or email

Profile FAQ

To ensure your profile appears in the correct location on the Find a Face Painter map, please add the correct longitude and latitude coordinates for your area to your profile:

  1. On your computer, open Google Maps. 
  2. Right-click the place or area on the map.
  3. This will open a pop-up window. You can find your latitude and longitude in decimal format at the top.
  4. To copy the coordinates automatically, left-click on the latitude and longitude.
Please allow 24 hours for the website to refresh. After doing this, If your profile does not appear in the correct area please contact

To correctly add social media links or website links please include the full address including https:// e.g.

Photo/Image uploads

Uploading photos to forms and profiles

Use the upload field to navigate to your computer and upload  

There is a 5MB limit on file upload sizes. 
If you are having problems uploading files, please check the file size is less than 5MB.
You can reduce files sizes using 

Filetypes accepted are: jpeg, png, tiff, webP 


Renewal Forms

A link to complete your renewal form will be emailed to all members in February
The link will also be accessible from Renewal Homepage from 1st March to 31st March each year.

If you do not complete the form and pay for your annual membership by 31st March there will be a late renewal fee to pay.

You will require the following Information:

  • Your membership number
  • Your email address – This must be the same email address that your renewal invitation link was sent to. 
  • Your FACE area:
    Northern Ireland
    North West & Isle of Man
    North East
    Central & Anglia
    South East
    South West
    North America/ International  
  • Your payment details
  • 3 examples of recent work
    Or make sure you have posted on your social media this year or have 3 photographs of recent work ready to upload. NB: If you have joined FACE within the last 12 months, your photos do not need not be checked.
  • Photos should not be self paints.


In order to join FACE, membership requires participants to enroll in our group insurance program offered through Reese Astley.

If you currently hold your own insurance, kindly inform us of its expiration date so that we can seamlessly arrange your new coverage before the renewal date.

Reese Astley Insurance is available for individuals aged 16 and above.

For any policy-related concerns or adjustments, you can easily address them through Reese Astley.

Address: Mostyn House, Market Street, Newtown SY16 2PQ

Phone: 01686 626019