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Terms and Conditions of the Membership of FACE

For the purposes of these Terms & Conditions, FACE is the International Face Painting Association.

A Member of FACE is a face painter who has passed the certification process of FACE as defined in the FACE Constitution Item 4a and includes Associate Members.

– All Members of FACE must abide by the FACE Code of Conduct.

– Renewal of membership will take place annually.

– On renewal of membership each Member renewing will submit signed renewal forms and any payments to FACE as
required for the renewal of membership.

– Late payment of fees will incur a financial penalty as stated on renewal paperwork. Late payments are at the discretion
of the Membership Secretary of FACE.

– On renewal of membership each Member renewing will submit recent photographs of their own face painting work as
stipulated by FACE. All photographs must be of face painting on the face of a person, not on the torso, a mask or practice head. – – The face painting must be of a type and standard as stipulated by FACE. If the standard of face painting work submitted falls below those required, the Membership Secretary will request further evidence of work to be submitted. Failure to submit photographs as stipulated will result in non-renewal of membership. Any payments made by a Member who fails the renewal process with be reimbursed to the Member in full by the Membership Secretary.

– FACE Members may display the FACE logo in connection with their business. The logo must be displayed with the Member’s name or Membership number. It is not permitted to display the FACE logo without the Members name or Membership number. eg. LOGO – Ann Painter is a Member of FACE or LOGO ‐ Ann Painter FACE Member No. 000.

– Associate Members may only advertise their Membership of FACE through their Main FACE Member/Employer.

– Persons who are not members of FACE or Members who have failed to renew their Membership of FACE are not
entitled to use the FACE logo or advertise themselves as a member of FACE.

– All grievances by Members of FACE regarding the behaviour of any other Member or Members of FACE will be dealt
with within the Grievance Procedure ( Grievance Procedure document 2013)