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Level TWO Membership

The Level 2 FACE membership has been set up to give recognition to those FACE members who have significantly improved their skills and abilities. It exists to encourage members to continue in their professional development.

Who can APPLY?

Applications for the Level 2 assessment are welcome from those who have been members for over 2 years. It is anticipated that at least 50% of the membership will find Level 2 attainable, so we welcome you to give it a go if you wish!

The aim of Level 2 is to ensure the applicant is a good all rounder and above the entry level that they entered FACE. We want to see original and creative work (not copies) excellent blending, crisp and varied line work, good colour choices and balanced features.

Application Requirements

  • You have been a member of FACE for a minimum of 2 years.
  • Fill in the level 2 assessment application form
  • Submit hi-res photographs of 8 painted faces. 
  • Have the details of 2 references from the last 12 months, one FACE member and one client.
  • Pay a £10 level 2 assessment fee

Faces Submissions Guidelines

Level 2 certificate
  1. We want to see original and creative work with excellent technical skill: i.e. good blending, crisp and varied line work, good colour choices and balanced features.
  2. As we are looking for faces which display skilled brush and sponge face painting, using water-based face paints, the use of powders and cream paints for blending is not permitted.
  3. You may use pearls, metallics, glitter, gems, and stencils as long as they are used sparingly and do not dominate the design, we will still need to be able to see the key skills.
  1. Eight faces are to be submitted.
  2. Six of the faces are compulsory. (see below)
  3. Two should be original designs of your own choice.
  4. At least three of these should demonstrate sponge blending with separate colours NOT blending from split cakes.
  5. One strokes can still be used as linework if the sponged base is still clear.
  6. Please state on the application form which ones are to be considered for the sponge blending.
  1. Two faces should be on the job and painted within 5 minutes
  2. Four other faces can be within 20 minutes each.
    2 free-choice faces can be of any duration.
  3. Please state how many minutes each face took on the application form.
  1. Photographs should be of work completed in the last 12 months, so they reflect the current standard of your work.
  2. We require 3 photos of each design. One photo of the front of the face, one of the left and one of the right.
  3. Please make sure photos are supplied in as high res as possible, if the res is too low and can’t be zoomed in on, or if it is blurry/ out of focus you will be asked to submit more photographs before your application can be considered.
  4. Photos must not be altered or ‘photoshopped’ in any way.
  5. Please mark each photo/ file name to match the application form (i.e. 5 min butterfly, 20min Fairy, 40min free choice 1 bird of paradise)

The SIX compulsory faces

Tiger (this should be a notable progression from your assessment tiger)
 Monster / Werewolf
Skull/ Sugar Skull
 Princess / Swirly Face

Plus Two Original Designs

e.g.  Flowers, Devil, Giraffe/Horse/Cow/Zebra, Cat/Dog, Feathered Bird/Angel, Holiday/Christmas/Easter, Halloween Face, Dragon, Eye Design, Clown or an inspired mash-up of different designs.

After Submission

Your application will be checked and your faces will be assessed by a panel purely on the photos and without any knowledge of the applicant.

You will then be informed of the decision as soon as possible but please remember that FACE is run by volunteers so please bear with us.

If for any reason you do not succeed this time, then you will have 6 months to re-apply without having to pay the fee again.

If you have any questions you can please contact

Good luck