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Be ready for renewals
Don’t have delays affect your business.

Renewals are now open
until 30th March

Dates for your Diary!

Annual membership runs from 31st March to 30th March each year. 

Renewals open every year on 1st March.

You must complete your renewal by 30th March 

Renewal forms received after 30th March will incur additional admin charges.

Face Renewals deadline calendar 30th March

Fees 2024 - 2025

We are delighted to announce that our membership and insurance prices remain unchanged from the previous year.

Membership Fee 24-25


Late renewals £40.00

Insurance Premiums 24-25

5 million – £72.00
10 million – £105

Late renewals may incur £5 admin fee from Reese Astley

The Renewal Process:

  1. Rees Astley will send an invitation directly to renew based on the previous year’s policy
  2. Members accept the insurance invitation when received
  3. Pay Insurance fee directly to Rees Astley depending on the level of cover selected. 
  4. Members fill in their FACE renewal form including all relevant information. Use Renew Now button located in header and at bottom of this page.
  5. Upload pictures where applicable (on renewal form)
  6. Pay your membership fees (on renewal form)
  7. Area Reps check the forms and check members social media or uploaded pictures.
  8. For UK members Age 16+ the forms are then forwarded to Rees Astley to issue your insurance policy documents. 
  9. Rees Astley will send members the PLI documents directly.
  10. NB Rees Astley will not issue your insurance policy until they have received your renewal form from us, bear in mind it has to be checked by your area rep first so do not leave it until the last minute
  11. For Equity and International members your insurance policy documents are checked.

Once ALL stages of the process are done your membership renewal is complete woohoo!

Renewals Checklist

Before filling in the renewal form please have the following ready:

Make sure you have posted on your social media this year or have 3 photographs of recent work ready to upload. 
NB: If you have joined FACE within the last 12 months, your photos do not need not be checked.

Failure to fill in the information correctly may lead to delays in your renewal.

Help / Important Notes about renewal Email & Login: 

  1. On the checkout page DO NOT enter a different email address from the one you are currently registered with. This will create a separate account and you will be unable to log into your existing membership. If in doubt, please use the email address your reminder email was sent to.  
  2. If someone else is filling in the form for you e.g. husband or friend. DO NOT let them enter their own details. Again, this will create a new membership for them and not for you.
  3. If you are filling in the form on someone else’s behalf. DO NOT enter your own details. This will create a membership for you and not for the person it was meant for.
  4. If you get emails about your membership expiring and you have already renewed, this likely means that you have used an alternative email address to renew. Please check if you used a different email from the one you have registered with.
  5. If you need to change the email you are registered with on the FACE website, please do so on the members log-in page.
  6. If you have made a mistake* on your form before checkout, then delete it from the basket and start again.
  7. If you have 2 memberships in your basket by mistake*, delete one by pressing the red X on the left-hand side of your basket item and continue to check out.
    ( * see image below )
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