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Encouraged by a little childhood drawing ability, I committed to face paint a butterfly for my niece on Halloween 2019. My face paint journey began. Face painting checks so many boxes for me: it is fun to be creative and learn at the same time; the learning never stops, it is therapeutic to spread such joy, it helps me to manage the affects of an old injury i.e. priceless. The face paint communities are incredibly welcoming and supportive, and finally, the materials are well thought out and gentle.
I am in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, and with notice I may paint in the Sydney area. In general, I travel to you prepared to paint. It may be a little different during peak times such as Halloween.

Book with lots of notice to avoid disappointment. If I can manage a short notice booking I will, but never at the risk of safety.
In preparation of providing face painting as safely as possible I have successfully completed several infection prevention and control courses. I have painted bubbled groups while the pandemic has unfolded (in alignment with public health). I do insist on hand sanitizer / hand washing and masks. A new sponge is used for each client and brushes are new or cleaned using a tested multi-step process. I wear a mask always and a face sheild (fog permitting). I keep an accurate contact list of clients for contact tracing and schedule bookings to provide time for rapid testing and confirmation of a negative result . My materials cannot be handled by others. I mention this so parents can prepare their little ones in advance as all of the paint colors and glitter are pretty hard to resist. Clients who are not being painted need to social distance. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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