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I've been a professional body artist since September of 2003, and in 2017, joined FACE.

With an art background dating back to classes when I was just five years old, throughout grade school, high school, and college, I just can't get enough. My very first job when I was just 14 was at a high-end baby furniture store, where I was paid to custom paint designs on furniture, baby bottles, and gifts. Finally, I took up the art of face painting, temporary tattoos, and henna on the mobile, three-dimensional canvas that is you!

Speaking of continuing education, I've taken, and continue to take, monthly classes through my guild, as well as seminars in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. I've also traveled multiple times to Connecticut and Louisiana for body art conventions. In this way, I can keep adding new products, techniques, and styles to my repertoire... and to your enjoyment of the art!

You may have seen me painting at the Tribeca Film Festival, where I've been the official face painter and henna artist since 2009, the US Open, your neighbor's parties, any of a number of town days, street fairs or festivals, charity runs and walks, or even my work in official Snazaroo tutorials!

In addition to body art, I offer canvas painting parties for both children and adults, and a balloon twister too!

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Level 1
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Balloon Modelling
Body Painting
Children Entertainer and Parties
Craft Workshops
Face Painting
Temporary and Glitter Tattoos
Face Painting, Henna, Balloon Twisting, Temporary Tattoos, Canvas Painting Parties, Gifts
Ireland themed face painting, featuring Wicklow, Kerry, Cork, and Antrim counties.  Showcase Face Entry at Wham Bam Jam 2019.

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