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I’m married and have 3 little girls (1 yrs- 8 yrs- 9 yrs old) I started face painting in 2012 painting my two older girls (they were much younger back then) at home for fun. until I discovered the amazing world of face painting watching YouTube videos and getting involved in the Face painting social media groups. I took my first face painting workshop in 2013 and then started up my face painting business “Funtastik Faces” I met lots of amazing people with great talents along this wonderful journey who gave me lots of inspiration and motivation. Once my work started to get recognised I became more confident and took part in a few Body Painting projects. This was a completely different vibe to me. I absolutely love Body painting and found it very rewarding exploring my skills I never knew I had. I also do Henna using Natural brown henna. I took my FACE test in 2014 and passed the very first time which meant so much to me and have been a FACE member ever since. I have become a FACE committee member taking on the role as the “Minutes Secretary” since 2015. I’m very proud to be a part of FACE.

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Level 1
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Body Painting
Casualty Simulation Make Up
Face Painting
Face Painting Training
Glitter Beards
Glitter Eyes
Glitter Partings
Temporary and Glitter Tattoos
Venetian Masquerade
Prosthetics event 2015
Bluebells festival

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