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Lauren Face Painter

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I completed a foundation degree in specialist makeup back in 2004 & found I had a passion for face & body art in particular. My main passion was for Halloween inspired designs, however since attending workshops and events over the years my style has evolved & I now love it ALL! I am available for parties & events & spend the summer months travelling around with the glitter bar to add sparkle to festivals & weddings, please do get in touch if you are in the South East of England & require a face painter or glitter artist. I only use biodegradable holographic cosmetic glitter that can be broken down naturally by microorganisms. I feel very strongly about using products, especially glitter, that won't harm the environment or contribute to pollution like traditional plastic glitter does. The biodegradable glitter I use is made from plant-based materials such as fermented plant starch from corn, cassava, maize, sugarcane, or sugar beet pulp, as well as rayon (cellulose regenerated), ferric ammonium and Aluminium (The reflective aluminium layer in the glitter I have sourced has been optimised to be as incredibly thin as possible, over 100 times thinner than a human hair!). I have researched and sourced materials that are sustainable and eco-friendly for my business. The paints I use are all vegan and cruelty free and of the highest cosmetic standards. You can rest assured that if you book me for your event that we will only be adding fun & smiles to the world 🌎


  • Face Painting
  • Temporary/ Glitter Tattoos
  • Face Painting Workshops/ Training
  • Body Painting
  • Hair Braiding
  • Glitter/ Festival Eyes
  • Make up Workshops
  • Glitter Beards & Partings

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Bedfordshire, Milton Keynes, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire