Covid 19 - What precautions should I have in place?


What is the Code of Conduct?

The Code Of Conduct and the Code of Practice are agreements that everyone in FACE signs when they join the Association.

How to become a member of FACE?

To become a member of FACE everyone has to pass an assessment. To find out more about membership take a look at the How to join section. FACE membership is for face painters who are already working professionally and can produce good, fast and creative faces with a smooth base and good quality linework.

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How much does a Face Painter charge?

This varies from painter to painter and may depend on the area. Generally, they charge a similar price for their time as other entertainers such as Magicians and Balloon Modellers.

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Contact members directly for their charges.  You can find your local face painter using the Find a Face Painter section.


Who is my nearest Face Painter?

Go to the Find a Face Painter page where you will find our search facility.

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What does the acronym F.A.C.E stand for?

F.A.C.E stands for Fast Accredited Creative Experts.

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