"Would you like an adventure, or shall we have tea first?"

Our Mad Hatters Tea Party will be jam packed with demo's, competitions and prizes throughout the day of the 8th May 2021 from 10-6pm, then from 7pm it's party night!

This is a day to celebrate our industry, to re-inspire and get ready to get back out to work, there is light at the end of the tunnel!



Heather Green, Nick Wolfe, Karen Huwen, Gillian Child, Sally-Ann Lynch, Poala AJ, Kirsty Lindley, Emma Salmons, Jade Laforest, Amanda Smith, Claire Harris, Rasiha Kavaklidere, Steph Shore, Milly Rose, Lisa Good, Beshlie-Ann Carver Carpenter...


We will have a back to work discussion to share ideas about safer practice post covid. The panel will include Liz Bylett, Juliet Eve, Gillian Child and Kate Cox.

We will kick off the day with a yoga session for Face Painters, enjoy the physical, spiritual and mental health benefits of smiling and stretching with the fabulous Liz Bylett. Full schedule will be realeased in due course.

All the demos and workshops will be recorded and posted in the ticket holders only Facebook group. You will have access for a month, so don't worry of you miss any you will be able to catch up in your own time,



Ticket for 2 to the grand opening of the new Snazaroo factory in Minehead, Somerset on 16th July 2021. The prize includes a tour see how the paints are made, an invitation to the grand ball and a room for 2 at a local hotel. PLUS a bespoke palette of your choice and other goodies on the day.

Glitter Kit worth £150 from Rainbow Sparkle, FACE membership and insurance package worth just under £150 curtesy of Snazaroo, £70 worth of Magic Box Vouchers, 1 day pass for the UK Face Painting Convention, 1 month FABA TV subscription, £50 worth of Airbrush Body Art Vouchers, £30 worth of Pop Stencils Vouchers, liner palette and brushes from Silly Farm, Fusion Mermaid palette & sponges from 2Meenie, Magic Box wine, luxury bath products from Fizz Yourself Happy, organic skin care from 2LoveMy, bling box from Happy Henna Bling and more!!!






and BlingArtsCraft by Josephine.



1. Showcase Competition (FACE MEMBERS ONLY) - Face paint with the theme of Mad Hatter's Tea Party. Rules are on the FACE membership page.

Please send your entries to mail@follies.co.uk by 6th May 2021. They will be posted unnamed and voted on by likes and judges scores combined.

Prize sponsored by Rainbow Sparkles: Set of glitters worth £150


2. Showcase Competition (NON MEMBERS) - Face paint with the theme Through the Looking Glass. Rules will be posted in the ticket holder group.

Please send your entries to glitteryrainbowcat@gmail.com by 6th May 2021. They will be posted unnamed and voted on by likes and judges scores combined.

Prize sponsored by Snazaroo: Free FACE assessment and on passing - Free membership, Free Covid qualification and a years face painter insurance. Worth just under £150

3. Mad Hatters Tea Cup Competition (EVERYONE) - You can't very well have a tea party without tea cups! As a lot of face painters have been painting anything other than faces this year we have included this more crafty paint competition. Paint on a cup, mug, glass, any drink receptical you like. Email entries to mail@follies.co.uk

Prize sponsored by Snazaroo: £50 craft voucher

4. Mad Hat Competition (EVERYONE) - make a headress to wear to the party, hats will be judged on the night.

Prize sponsored by Magic Box: Magic Box Wine and a Trophy.


"Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality."




£5 FACE members, £10 non-members. BUY TICKETS HERE.

"You're entirely bonkers, but let me tell you a secret - all the best people are."