We understand that with restrictions now beginning to lift there is a desire to return to work as soon as possible. We know times will have been difficult but we believe in putting, both physical and mental, health and wellbeing first. We recommend only returning to the workplace when the government advice says it is safe to do so, and when you have a risk assessment and clear procedures in place.

What we can do now is get ready for when we can return to doing what we do best, bringing joy and smiles to our little and not so little clients!

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FACE in partnership with the Beauty Guild are delighted to offer you the opportunity to take an accredited Covid-19 Infection Prevention and Control course at a heavily subsidized price.

This we are doing for our face painting community as a whole and non-members are also welcome to complete this course through FACE. The normal price for this is £20 but we are offering this to members at £6 and non-members £12.

Guild Accreditation Certificate

This course takes you through a checklist of the things you need to consider and the possible changes you will need to implement prior to re-opening the public.

A downloadable template is provided for you to create your own Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Prevention and Control Policy which you can display on your website and send to your clients. A downloadable GTi Certificate is included with an option to buy a printed certificate


  • COVID-19 What is it and how does it spread
  • Reducing the risk of transmission
  • Hygiene and PPE
  • Handling waste and disinfection
  • Preparing to open checklist
NOTE This course has been devised according to the guidelines provided in the UK, however students from other countries can enrol onto the course. Just be aware that your own Governments may have different guidelines compared to what is provided in our course.

Sign up for Covid-19 Infection Prevention and Control here. When you have paid please email info@facepaintingassociation.com with confirmation, including your mobile number, and if you are a member please also include your membership number. You will be emailed a link and your login details in due course. Failure to include these details may cause a delay to your enrolment.

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NB by signing up to the Covid Qualification you will also be signing up to the FACE mailing list. You can unsubscribe from the emails at any time.



FACE members will be receiving a new Code of Practice with Covid-19 procedures by email as an addition; members please read and sign this document to agree you are clear on the new procedures. Once you have agreed to the new Code of Practise, you will receive an additional Advanced Health & Hygiene Certification.

In the members area you will find: An updated risk assessment template and other paperwork to adapt for your business. A complimentary and extensive advice video for the membership; preparing for work.

If you have not received your email please contact your rep.

FACE guidance should always be read in conjunction with the latest government advice and manufacturers guidelines. This is a rapidly changing situation and will mean our ways of working through this will evolve over the coming months.

We welcome any comments or suggestions, please info@facepaintingassociation.com

If you are not a member and wish to take advantage of all of these items:

  • Covid-19 Infection Prevention and Control course £6
  • Code of Practice with Covid-19 procedures
  • Advanced Health & Hygiene Certification
  • Updated risk assessment template
  • Extensive face painters advice video; preparing for work

Email membership_enquiries@facepaintingassociation.com for more information on how to join, or for an information pack.


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