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Code of Practice

The following guidelines are recommendations for best practice of health and hygiene protocols for Face Painters whilst at work, they include specific reference to working during the Covid – 19 pandemic. 

Last Updated 22/07/20

  • * Ensure you are not displaying any symptoms of Covid – 19 on the day of your event, or have been in touch with anyone displaying the same symptoms in the past 14 days also your client, before starting. Take the necessary steps if either party are, as recommended in the current Government Guidelines.
  • Following the current Government Guidelines, ensure you wash/sanitise your hands between each person painted, and your chair and kit are suitably cleaned.
  • * Ensure those that are being painted have washed/ sanitised their hands previously. You can provide these yourself if preferred.
  • Only use face paint products that comply with EU & FDA regulations, containing Anti – Microbials.
  • Check and read carefully the manufacturer’s recommendations on each product.
  • * Please practice the current Government Guidelines regarding the use of PPE. Visors, masks.
  • It is advisable to ask whether a child/adult has had their face painted before, in case of potential allergic reactions.
  • * Ensure to ask the adult/ parent or child if they have any symptoms of Covid – 19, they should not be painted if they do. 
  • Children/adults with a cold sore, eczema, open cut, conjunctivitis and other infectious conditions should not be painted.
  • Ensure the person’s face is clean before painting.
  • It is not recommended that children under the age of 3yrs are painted on the face, as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • It is recommended that children aged 2 to 3 years have a small design hand or arm, and only if they are happy with this.
  • It is recommended that painters use a clean sponge per person. * If the sponge needs reloading with paint, use a fresh clean one.
  • *It is recommended that brushes are appropriately cleaned in between each person painted as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • * It is recommended that paints are cleaned between each person painted as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Change face painting water frequently. * Use fresh water per person painted.
  • Maintaining a high standard of personal and Kit cleanliness is essential. * Wash your clothes immediately after the event. A full kit clean post-event is necessary as soon as possible.
  • Only use cosmetic grade glitter.
  • Ensure all cleaning/disinfection products used are in line with your paints and brushes manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • It is recommended to advise clients to remove face paint with mild soap and water, and if staining occurs to use a gentle emollient to lift it off
  • All FACE Members hold full Public Liability Insurance and are professional face painters of a high standard having passed a certification process to become a Member.
  • FACE Member’s professional standards are reviewed annually.

The points with * specifically refer to the  Covid – 19 pandemic, and therefore will not always be relevant. This Code of Practice could be amended at any time. 

It is recommended to keep up to date with current Government Guidelines for your area/ country and to work within those Guidelines accordingly.