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Code of conduct

As a Member of FACE, I agree to:

  1. Abide by the Constitution of FACE
  2. Abide by the Terms & Conditions of Membership
  3. Follow the aims of FACE as laid out in the Constitution
  4. Work within the Code of Conduct of FACE
  5. Represent FACE to the best of my ability
  6. Promote FACE
  7. Deal fairly with fellow Members
  8. Display only my own work and acknowledge any other painter’s work should I display another face painter’s pictures
  9. Abide by democratically reached decisions of FACE
  10. Contribute to the administration of FACE if requested
  11. Take an active part in decision making
  12. Actively work towards improving my face painting techniques and style by attending jams & conferences where possible, working with a colleague or designated Rep, or self‚Äźdirected study
  13. Keep in touch with my Area Representative
  14. Be cautious when posting industry-related comments on internet-based forums and/or social networking sites.

As a Member of FACE, I agree NOT to:

  1. Misrepresent FACE and any of the Membership or in any way bring FACE into disrepute