FACE welcomes applications for membership from face painters worldwide who have achieved a good basic standard in their work. Junior membership is also available for young people under the age of 16. Painter who are employees of an existing FACE member may apply for Associate membership.

New applicants are required to pass a certification assessment before being accepted for membership. The assesment comprises a practical demonstration of painting ability, and a short written questionnaire on hygiene and safety practices.

The application forms can be downloaded from this page by clicking on the links below. The forms contain all the information you will need to apply for membership, and explain the certification process.

Application Form
Associate Membership Form
Junior Membership Form

When you have downloaded the appropriate form and read through the information you can begin the application process by contacting one of our Area Representatives. The Area rep will discuss the certification and application process with you, and may ask you to send them a few photos of your recent work to allow them to assess your skill level. The Rep will advise whether they feel you are ready to take the certification assessment, or if there are aspects of your work which may require improvement before sitting the assessment.
A fee of £25 is payable for certification, and only those who pass the certification will be offered a formal invitation to join the association. If you have not reached the required standard you will be notified of which aspects you need to improve, and help and advice will be offered to improve these areas with a view to re-sitting. You may then re-sit the certification within six months of the original assesment without paying any additional fee.

Should you have any questions concerning applications please contact one of our Area Representatives, or e-mail the Membership Administrator at membership_enquiries@facepaintingassociation.com

Below are a few of the recent example.

We look forward to welcoming you to FACE.