Many FACE members offer training at varying levels from beginner to advanced, this can be as part of a group or on a one to one basis.

We recommend you contact the individual member for details of the training they can provide.



Contact Name   Area
South West  
Helen Eyre   South West
Jospehine Van Oers   South West
Catriona Finlayson   South West
Deborah Eastman   South West
Sharon Bovey   South West
South East  
Denise Hughes   South East
Liz Bylett   South East
Naomi Gay   South East
Jackie Shields   South East
Jackie Tomlinson   South East
Tracy Greenman   South East
Carol Christian   South East
Kat Sinclair   South East
Fran Heaver   South East
Caroline Porter   South East
Val Hayllar   South East
Angela Youngs   South East
Jackei Walsh Havard   South East
Julie Feist   South East
Bernadette Gruber   South East
Nina Roe   South East
Melissa Osmond   South East
Leonie Dack   South East
Clare Jeffery   South East
North West  
Janet Case   North west
Kate Cox   North west
Rebecca Fuller   North west
Patricia Wardle   North West
Beverley Duffey   North West
Catherine MacDiarmid   North West
North East  
Lesley Oxberry   North East
Tracey Claes   North East
Central & Anglia  
Juliet Eve   Anglia/Central England
Glyn Goodwin   Anglia/Central England
Jackie O'Galligan   Anglia/Central England
Heather Sharp   Anglia/Central England
Mona Turnbull   Anglia/Central England
Nina Oakes   Anglia/Central England
Joanne Norris   Anglia/Central England
Gita Konschak   Anglia/Central England
Katja Kyd   Anglia/Central England
Rasiha Mehmet   Anglia/Central England
Dawn Shipway   Anglia/Central England
Karen Harvey   Anglia/Central England
Contact Name   Area
Michelle Leche   Midlands
Deborah McCammon   Midlands
Joanne Kite   Midlands
Jane Blundel   Midlands
Mandy Lawrence   Midlands
Jamuna Davies   Midlands
Marni Smalley   Midlands
Northern Ireland  
Stacey Kilpatrick   Northern Ireland
Krystle Boyd   Northern Ireland
Brenda Ashbridge   Northern Ireland
Catrina Pentland   Scotland
Dawn Cuthbertson   Scotland
Lisa Good   Scotland
April Hernandez   Scotland
Mary Fairgrieve   Scotland
Amanda Smith   Wales
Raphelle Fieldhouse   Wales
Emma Havard   Wales
Erica Wafford   Wales
Anne Hamilton   Eire
Laila Byberg   Norway
Gina Nomachi   Australia
Wendy Fantasia   Australia

Laurie Faulkner

Susanne Daoud   Australia
Kerry Anne Gaia   Australia
Jasmin Walsh   Brazil
Shannon Fennell   Canada
Val Daft   USA
Ginny Sieminski   USA
Diane Spadola   USA
Jessica Yurash   USA


















Members offering training are listed for information only. Training and any other services which are offered/provided by the members listed are the sole responsibility of said members, and are not approved, organised or regulated by FACE. Members offering training and other services do so without reference to FACE with regard to the standard and/or content of such activities. FACE will not be responsible for, or accept liability for any perceived failure or shortcoming, or for any loss, damage, injury or inconvenience relating to either the arrangement or performance of training or any other activity performed by any FACE member.