As a Member of FACE I agree to:

  • Abide by the Constitution of FACE
  • Abide by the Terms & Conditions of Membership
  • Follow the aims of FACE as laid out in the Constitution
  • Work within the Code of Practice of FACE
  • Represent FACE to the best of my ability
  • Promote FACE
  • Deal fairly with fellow Members
  • Display only my own work and acknowledge any other painters work should I display another face painters pictures
  • Abide by democratically reached decisions of FACE
  • Contribute to the administration of FACE if requested
  • Take an active part in decision making
  • Actively work towards improving my face painting techniques and style by attending jams & conferences where possible, working with a colleague or designated Rep, or self-directed study
  • Keep in touch with my Area Representative
  • Be cautious when posting industry related comments on internet based forums and/or social networking sites

As a Member of FACE I agree NOT to: Misrepresent FACE and any of the Membership or in any way bring FACE into disrepute