The Face Painting Association was formed in 1995 so that like minded people could get together to share ideas and professional problems in order to improve standards and raise the profile of face painting.

Members have to pass a certification test in order to join and this ensures that all FACE Members have reached a set standard of ability, speed and health & hygiene. Anyone booking a FACE member can be confident that the painter they choose will meet our high standards.

Butterfly fairy

FACE membership covers the whole of the world and we now have well over two hundred members. FACE aims to meet the needs of it's members with the website and membership directory as well as with opportunities to work together. FACE members routinely share their ideas, designs and tips with each other, allowing us to form friendships and be inspired by each others designs and working methods, we do this at our Area Fun Days and the Annual FACE Conference.

FACE has created a network of highly skilled and professional artists and we have become a valuable resource for everyone from Agents and other members of the PR world to mums and dads who want to be sure of great painting at their parties.

FACE is a non-profit making, democratic association run by a committee elected from the membership.

As a member of FACE you will be in the privileged position of having access to a wealth of experience and good will. It is friendly too.......